What’s in store for 2018?

Happy New Year!

As this New Year starts for me, I had 3 things in mind namely focus, goals and where to go.

Focus| This is my word for the year. Sometime in 2017, I attended a women’s conference that inspired me to yearn for a word for the following year which will serve as a guiding tool for everything I do while leaving room for miracles to happen of course! Focus was one word that kept coming up over and over again in the last few months of 2017; and as I could not shake it off, it stayed. We have only had 5 days in 2018 so far, and leaning on the word of the year has already helped a great deal for me. Has anyone else tried this? Let me know how it has worked for you!

Goals| We all have goals we want to achieve in life as usual. I’ve used the beginning of this year to right down things I would like to achieve by the end of the year, while also leaving room for other short term goals to sip in and making sure I don’t beat myself up if not achieved. “We give some goals a timeline but most goals happen to be achieved at the best time possible when we are not even expecting it“. Don’t forget that! (…and note to self)

Where to Go| This was one question I’ve been asked several times in the past 5 days! And so with that, I decided to create a tentative calendar of places that I have been preparing to visit in 2018. I put in some flags which will let you know where I’ll be heading..and the others…well, to keep you guessing! So come back to read and see pictures about the exciting places I will journey to this year!

I Hope y’all have a wonderful year!!!

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