How do I save up for travel?

– I start by creating a goal of how much I would like to put aside for the destination. I personally use the app Albert which takes out money from my account every week and adds to each bucket of travel goal I have. I really love this app, it is so helpful. You can create several fund goals and the app allocated funds withdrawn from your account based on the priority you have on each fund goal.

Should I start looking for sponsors for my travel?

Travel because it’s your passion! Starting out, I self-fund. I will say if the time comes where I have sponsors present their opportunity then take it, but make sure it aligns which your passion and values. Don’t just take on any sponsor because of funds you may end up regretting a trip!

How do I budget for my plans when I reach my destination?

1. Make a list of things you want to achieve on your travel.

2. Research costs for your activities

3. Decide how much you want to spend on food a day. Even if you are on an all inclusive trip, sometimes you may want to try a restaurant that is not included, this is something you’ll want to consider.

4. Look for deals BEFORE you get to your destination. Most times, you find cheaper coupons for excursions and rides before you get to the actual destination. You will save some money by doing this.

5. Budget for souvenirs! If you’re like me, I love souvenirs. Not just for myself but also for friends and family. I end up spending equally on souvenirs as much as I do on souvenirs. Another alternative is to just get the souvenirs online after you get back from your trip! Amazon is your destination for this, LOL.

To use credit cards or not to use credit cards?

I may be old school with this but I just carry cash. Reason being, I can change the dollars to the country’s local currency and spend that way. I love to bring back local currencies as souvenirs and also to use when I visit a place twice! There are several credit cards that have no foreign transaction fees but you must do your research to call your bank and take not of all policies and fees before traveling. Also, you are likely to get a declined transaction message if you do not alert your bank of your travel plans. This will help save time and any embarrassments


The above and so many more you can think of are important questions to ask oneself in determining how to travel wisely (before, during and after).

My number one way I get my travel coin is by saving up for it. Before every year starts, I usually have an idea of where I’ll be journeying. Having this in mind helps me prioritize my savings bucket for each destination! As I mentioned above, I utilize the app called Albert. This app helps me set up several goals.

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