Thailand Series Part 3: PHUKET ( A whole LOTTA tourists city)

My friends and I flew Via Thia Lion Air (a domestic line) from Bangkok to Phuket. (Read the bottom of the Bangkok blog for tips if you decide to fly with Thia Lion)

The airport is really small. Once you land in the airport you feel like a fish in a sardine can! Phuket is a beautiful city no doubt, but it is packed with tourists. It’s very busy with the locals as well as people from all over the world. So if you want to be on a very chill vacation mode for a long period of time, this may not be the best place for you.

DAY 1 (Arrival 💁🏾and Relaxation 💆🏾‍♀️)

We stayed at the Wyndham Grand hotel and honestly this made the stay in Phuket so so so good! We didn’t want to leave our hotel nor wait to get back to it! Watch the video below for a 360 view of the hotel room.

7718104768_img_04707718104768_img_05097718104768_img_0506-17718104768_img_0505-17718104768_img_0490Since it was our first day here, we spent the day just relaxing in the hotel, enjoying the infinity pool and having a girls night in!

DAY 2 ( Visiting the Elephants 🐘 🐘 🐘)

We started out the day with a 90 minute presentation from the hotel, where we get to learn about the world of Timeshare. I bet if you have stayed at a resort of some sort at any of your previous travel destinations, you have encountered one of these. They could be time consuming and seem pointless before the presentation, but most hotels and companies they collaborate with, have great incentives if you attend. You also get to learn a little more on how to invest your money if you are a frequent traveler and learn about other beautiful properties around the world you could stay at. Our wait before the presentation turned into a photo shoot! What else would you have us do?? LOL.


At the end of it all, we received B3300 (~$106) worth of food credits! So, we had brunch (and dinner later) with this and took our hotel shuttle to Phuket town!

From Phuket town at Patong Beach, we took a Tuk Tuk to Tri Trang beach to visit the elephants. Notice the difference in the picture below compared to the Tuk Tuk in Bangkok. I think the Tuk Tuks here are more like vans to accommodate more passengers since it is such a busy tourist destination. We opted for Tri Trang beach rather than Patong because Patong beach is very popular thus very crowded. 7718104768_img_0535-17718104768_img_0534

The elephants are cared for by a local family in Phuket and it costs B700 (~$22) to visit, swim and play with them for about an hour. You can later take a dip in the ocean and relax on the beach as well.

The elephants were sooooo amazing! They were very playful and also well trained! The trainers kept telling them to give us kisses, splashing water on us and also poking us if we walked away from them! I was poked unexpectedly..peep my face in the picture below!

Afterwards, we went to the famous Bangla Walking street! This street is similar to the Khao San road I visited in Bangkok but it is more lively! There were a lot more bars on this street, also clubs, restaurants, shops etc. You’ll have the locals trying to sell you “cheap” tickets to different kinds of clubs. The ping pong show is one quite popular show. It’s more of a strip club…FULL STRIP CLUB. So if you aren’t into this, you probably wanna skip that like we did. 7718104768_img_0686-17718104768_img_0676-17718104768_img_06877718104768_img_0688-17718104768_img_0690-17718104768_img_0696-1

Overall, the street is great for people watching or people watching you! Lol.

Speaking of people watching you, one very weird interesting thing that happened to us in Phuket were a groups of people trying to…SCRATCH THAT; people TAKING pictures of us. They tried to be slick with it but we caught them and of course I had them delete it. Then they try to apologize to you and say oh no, your hair is just so pretty and you are so pretty…I mean that’s good and all, like thank you…BUT you guys, how would you feel if you see random people take your picture and they aren’t even trying to hide it! One time, this couple tried us. The husband went behind us (my friends and I were sitting) and the wife stood in front of us and took pictures. I’m over here like…y’all trying to be slick?????…. NOT COOL. One of our friends we met on our journey explained to us they don’t see a lot of black people and that’s why…if you’ve experienced this, put a comment below and let me know!

Anyways!!!! Tri Trang Beach and Bangla walking street are highly recommended!

The next day, we took a 3 hr Taxi (Van) ride to Krabi! This was a very rough ride especially for me as I’m particularly prone to motion sickness. We had to stop at least 2 times, first to find a 7-eleven and get some Dramamine and second because I had to throw up and then clean up. The driver moved me to the front seat and I was relieved of the unending jerking motion my brain was experiencing in the backseat of the car. So! If you ever have someone in this situation, move the passenger to the front seat, this helps tremendously!


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