DIY Projects



As I mentioned in my information about me, my interest range FAR and WIDE. I like to keep things very organized for myself but also for anyone to navigate easily.

I’m yet, another DIY QUEEN….

Below are a few things I dabble in besides travelling.  I wanted to share some of them with an easy 1-2-3 step process and final results of how each turned out.


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  1. I got different sizes of package boxes and tapes them. Wrap the boxes with white tissue wrapping paper. 
  2. Hand cut the letters from a glitter foam paper
  3. Apply glue stick behind foam paper and stick on the wrapped boxes!

~ Was used as part of decoration of the cake table in a baby shower I co-planned with my friend. 


*Roll over each picture of the crown for details*


  1. I’ve had this little side table for like 6 years!! I couldn’t throw it away through my move so I just stayed with it.
  2. I used paper tape to cover up the sides I didn’t want covered in tape.
  3. Then I went to town!