A recap of my 2017 adventures…

The year Two thousand and seventeen was an eventful year for me. Leaving 2016, after bagging my Pharm.D. earlier that year and securing a pharmacist position with the company  I already worked for, I thought I would continue a Residency program but to my disappointment (at-first), that was not the case. I took my fate to continue in the retail pharmacy setting and so far probably the best thing that worked with my life the rest of the year. I had the opportunity of focusing on family which is so very important to me and also really taking care of myself. These two would have probably fallen short on my priority list if I relocated for a residency. All that aside now, I knew God had a different plan for me. By the start of 2017, I had my own retail store location where I worked everyday with basically a set schedule and with that the travel unicorn in me TOOK OVER!!!

Where was I in 2017? Let’s see….

JANUARY: I arrived from Canada ~ Christmas Vacation

FEBRUARY & MARCH : I worked and explored my city. Sometimes, we need to act like tourists in the city we reside. Don’t experience things only when you have guests in town. For example, I went to Deep Ellum area quite a couple of times than usual and also explored the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

APRIL : I went to Orlando, Florida for the third time. It was my second Disney trip within a year, my second time at the Ice Bar and my first time at Madame Tussauds wax museum; and a whole lot of sugar factory drinks!

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MAY: This was such a Packed Month!! I was in Maryland for a college-friend’s wedding, then I went to New York to witness one of my best friend’s proposal. Then I went BACK to Maryland for my baby sister’s college graduation and alas I went to Las Vegas for my Cousin’s 30th birthday (with another round of sugar factory drinks and Madam Tussuads)!!! Yeah what a month! It was wonderful!!

JUNE: I sat my BUTT at home. I needed a break from planes and also for my account to smile at me again!!! #Pharmacylife was the motto for this month. My technicians yelled for me not to leave again only to find out that in…

JULY: I would be in ARUBA!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! They didn’t like this. Anyways, I had the most WONDERFUL and AMAZING time on #onehappyisland ARUBA.

AUGUST: My College Bestfriend GOT MARRIED in New Hampshire! I was the Maid of Honor. This was actually so much work  but I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Being beside her that day was amazing!

….and I MET DMX!!!


SEPTEMBER: I visited Broken Bow Cabins in Oklahoma. I went because it another one of my best friend’s birthday and she wanted a cabin trip so we had a total of 13 people in a MASSIVE airbnb and the entire trip was ABSOLUTELY FUN!

OCTOBER: I turned a year older! YES I AM A LIBRA… and I was Super-Pharmacist for Halloween.


NOVEMBER: My first couple of posts featured my trip to Nigeria. But later this month, I also went to London for thanksgiving!

DECEMBER: Merry Christmas! My family in Houston came down to visit. Below are my nephews; the one taller than me is 13!!!! They grow up too fast. I am 5’8 by the way!


WHAT A YEAR! I couldn’t have done it without the GRACE of GOD. I mean just imagine; I took a whole lot of flights, taxi rides, boat rides even! I thank God for provision to be able to experience all that I have this year! So far the year has ended with some struggles but not without answers for things I had prayed for. Some, I had given up on but I guess GOD’s timing is just the BEST as always! I look forward to the new year and I look forward to you all reading more stories from around the world as I post.


Countries Visited: Aruba, Nigeria and London.

States Visited: Florida, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., New York, Las Vegas, New Hampshire and Oklahoma.




6 thoughts on “A recap of my 2017 adventures…

  1. This is such a great blog! You have put a great amount of thought and effort into sharing parts of your life with us! I honestly cant wait to see what 2018 has in store. <3! Hopefully some foodie adventures will be added into the mix! 😛

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